Reminders For Moms From The 2016 Houston Motherhood Symposium

Going to theĀ 2016 Houston Motherhood Symposium was one of the best decisions we made that year. We loved the activities, booths, and discussions that the organizers prepared; that’s why our team has been attending the same event for several years in a row now. Not to mention, in every conference, the keynote speakers never fail to remind moms like us that:

1. No One Can Ever Be A Perfect Mother

The universal reminder that may resonate when you attend an event that revolves around motherhood is that you need not to strive for perfection. There are real guidebooks for mothers out there, but keep in mind that the authors are talking from personal experience. Hence, you can improve with your mom duties too once you learn from your own mistakes.



2. We Are Our Kids’ Top Influencers

Since you are ideally the parent who the children are with more often throughout the day, you should remember that their actions in the future will be based on you. One kid may say, “Mommy folds papers this way or tells me not to act that way, so I should follow her.” Because of that, to prevent setting the youngsters up to become troublesome children, it is vital for you to influence them to do good things solely.

3. Your Life Shouldn’t Stop Revolving Once You Have Children

Last but not least, we know of mothers who feel guilty about leaving their kids for a few hours to go on a date with their husbands or have fun with friends. The truth is that this feeling is only valid if your little one is ill. In case everyone is in tiptop shape, it won’t be too irresponsible of you to ask your parents or spouse to take care of them for a short while so that you can have me-time. That is honestly essential for moms to be able to stay sane.



Attending a motherhood symposium may be the activity you need to connect with other moms and gain more parenting skills. See if there’s one happening near you soon. Cheers!