The One Thing That A Woman Does Wrong: Putting Her Children First Before Her Husband


Believe it or not, most marriages end up because of the children. It may be hard to understand, but it happens all the time. If you think about it, it makes sense that it doesn’t make sense to both the husband and the wife, but when you do a recap, rewind, blast from the past, or whatever you might call it, you may realize that somewhere along the way, and most of the time, it was really about the kids.

Your husband should always feel that he is the priority, and it’s a lot different from actually making him one. It is not that you are going to pretend or lie, it’s just that he needs to know that he is a vital part of your life.


Here Are Some Ways You Can Show Your Husband That He Is A Priority:


  1. It would help if you never talk ill about him in front of the children, may it be in front of him or behind his back. If you and the children have this magical kind of connection, they too have it. He feels it when they feel awkward around him. Saying bad things about him will ruin his relationship with his children. Remember that they trust you, and they would probably listen to whatever you want to portray.


  1. Always consult your husband about a decision or an issue. He needs to know everything even when you believe the mater does not interest him. The last thing you want to do is to make him feel like a stranger in his own house where everyone gets quiet when he is around.


  1. Smile more often like the way you do when the children are around. Make him feel that his presence brings you joy. Struggles and hardships are part of marriage, and there would be a time when you both are dealing with many challenges, but do not make him feel that he is not doing anything. He worries too more than you know, and he wants to fix things as much as you do that’s why walking around frowning adds to the pressure he is feeling. It is essential that he feels your support by not making him feel hopeless and worthless.


  1. Always buy your husband something special. Most of the time, you think that you don’t need to buy him anything, especially when you are saving because you know he would understand. However, you don’t need to buy him the most expensive. Anything would suffice as long as he feels that you think about him too and not only the children.


  1. Make your husband feel that you want to spend time with him as much as you want to spend time with the children. Ask him out on a date where it’s just you and him. Some wives wish a family time which is excellent, but once in a while, they need to spend time alone with their husband. It is not selfish or immature. It is nurturing and strengthening the marriage.

Wives should always prioritize their husbands more than their children. It may seem ridiculous, but it is how things should be. When you do this, your husband will probably tell you that you think of the children first, and they need your attention more anyway, but until then always make him feel that he matters. It is, after all, good for the children to see how you respect and love their father. They will have a perfect example of what marriage is all about.