Want To Buy A Grand Piano For Your Little Pianist And Become Mom Of The Year? Here Are Some Tips You Can’t Miss

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According to therapists, seeing parents give everything that their kids ask for gain mixed views in society. The negative thinkers tend to say that that’s what causes children to become spoiled and turn into bratty teenagers. They also assume that it prevents them from seeing the value of what they have, considering they can get anything after a little whining or persuasion.

Although no one can discount the truth in such words, it is wrong to say that all kids who get everything they want to grow up as significant sources of headache for the parents. I am a mom of three, and my children are fortunate enough to have the means to buy their needs and wants, but they only get material things as a reward for their good deeds.

My eldest daughter (11), in all honesty, is just getting a grand piano now after three years of taking lessons. Why? It’s because I know that she wants to become a pianist at this point. The instrument is expensive, yes, but who am I to hinder her development as a musician? Has it made her bratty? Not at all. She is well aware of the fact that the grand piano is now in our living room because she has earned it, and she can’t be more grateful because of it.

Considering you want to buy a grand piano for your little pianist as well and become the mom of the year in your children’s eyes, pay no mind to the people who think you are spoiling them. Nevertheless, let me give you some points on how you can buy the best one.

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To-Do List Before Buying A Grand Piano

Often, buyers, beginners and intermediate musicians alike, get too excited with the idea of buying a grand piano that they just purchase the first piano that they set their eyes on without even checking if it has some dents. Such marks cannot be seen from a distance, you know. You cannot even tell if the keys are working well from afar.

As I have mentioned above, grand pianos do not exactly come cheap. Every single penny is important, so you better take a deep breath first and remember to write the following things down on a paper before you enter a music store as a part of your to-do list.

Ask For Assistance

Even though you are either a novice or expert piano player, ask for the assistance of a sales agent before you pick and pay for a certain grand piano. Whoever that sales agent is, he or she surely knows more about the model that you are looking at than any other person in that place. After all, they are getting paid to talk about the advantages of having one piano over the other. Aside from that, if you are shopping for yourself, it will be nice if you can have the agent’s opinion as well so that you can be sure that you are on the right track.

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Know The Background Of The Grand Piano

People say that to know what a person’s like, you should know where he has come from first. The same thing goes with grand pianos: know its background, its manufacturer, what it’s made out of, the craftsmanship incorporated to it, and its age, if possible. This way, you can feel if it is the kind of piano that can become bequeathed to your great-great-great grandchildren in the future.

Ask About Warranty

The warranty is probably one of the most important things that you should ask about before you even start looking for specific grand pianos. The reason is that there may be some unavoidable circumstances that may happen at home, and the piano may endure some damages because of it. Ask the agent about the number of years that the warranty will be valid for, the possible fees that you will have to pay for certain repairs, as well as the included and excluded services in that warranty.

Ask About After-Sale Services

If you now have a great interest in buying a piano, ask about the aftersales services that they can offer to you. To be precise, find out if those services are free of charge. Aside from that, try to know if they can tune the instrument after some time, move it to a different location, and have ways to protect the piano in a hot climate. Do not be shy to ask for such things because you are buying a grand piano from them and, admit it, getting freebies from time to time is nice.

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Play A Song

This is the deal-breaker part of your to-do list. Playing some tunes on the piano can tell you whether the sound it produces is of rich quality, the keys are too difficult to depress, or your child is comfortable with playing this particular grand piano. It is highly suggested to buy an instrument that is not just good on the outside but also the inside. I kid you not, that is the main thing that you should be concerned about. Hit all the keys and listen carefully to every sound it makes before you say that your piano-searching days are over.

Final Thoughts

Don’t worry about the naysayers who think you are spoiling your kids too much for buying a grand piano or whatever they want. As long as you don’t ask money from them and your babies are happy, your actions are justifiable.

Cheers to being a great mom!