Top 3 Changes That Pregnancy Will Bring Into The Marriage


Getting married is probably one of the best things to happen in your life. It feels good to be able to find someone who truly understands and accepts everything about you. You will have more reasons to be happy with life now that you have married the person you want to share and spend the rest of your life with. Marriage life is not going to be a smooth ride, but it is a journey that you will want to embark on for the rest of your lives together. Many things could change your relationship with the other spouse, one of which is pregnancy.

Expect a lot of changes to come into your life once you discover that you are pregnant with your first-born. There is nothing that you could do to stop this from happening. Instead of resisting these changes, the right thing to do is to accept them. Below is a list of how pregnancy can change a marriage:


Sex Drive Will Be Naturally Low


Getting intimate with your husband is an integral part of the relationship. It is your duty as a wife to engage in some intimate and sexual acts with your partner. Doing this on a regular basis can make both of you feel more love and affection for each other. However, expect a slowdown in your sex life while you are pregnant. Take note that pregnancy can make you feel exhausted at most times, which means that you may no longer be interested in sex. At the same time, you may also feel conscious about the changes in your body. When this happens, there is a high possibility that you would not want to engage in sex with your husband. When this happens, “Individuals can examine their ‘sexual self-image’ and talk together about how to support one another in improving sexual self-esteem,” Grant Hilary Brenner, MD, suggests.


The Marriage Will Be Stronger

The intimacy level between a husband and wife are expected to intensify during the period of pregnancy. Everything will feel new in the marriage. Your partner will be as excited as you are in welcoming a new member of your family. There will be many moments wherein both of you will experience bliss as you plan on what to do next with your growing family. At the same time, there is also a good chance that you would become more dependent on your man. In the process, your husband will start to think of himself as a provider. Overall, the result is that you two will develop more intimacy in the relationship. “A true partnership occurs when both husband and wife accept influence from one another,” says Ilene Strauss Cohen, Ph.D.


The Finances Will Be A Major Concern


Financial matters are some of the significant issues that couples must discuss in every marriage. The issue becomes relevant once you get pregnant with your first-born. Remember that giving birth and raising a child would require an additional budget from you. This means that you must set aside some cash to prepare for the potential expenses during and after labor. Since both of you need to start saving money, you may need to lessen the out of town trips, shopping sprees, and dinner dates. The finances will become a primary concern, but you must not allow it to cause some turmoil in the relationship. Think of better ways to handle this issue in the smartest way possible. “The ability to communicate with openness, honesty and sensitivity is the cornerstone of a good relationship,” says Robin Zarel, LCSW.

Pregnancy is going to change the marriage into something better. Prepare yourself for all the great things that will come into your married life.