Tips For A Working Mom

Being a career woman with a husband and child can be quite taxing and challenging role to do. Doing paperwork and then cooking for dinner or having a meeting then rushing to the nursery due to certain circumstances is just examples of these stressful situations.

According to Joanne Stern, PhD, “The bottom line difference between working mothers who are challenged yet happy, and those who are continually frustrated and down in the dumps, is to first recognize and embrace this one fact: Being a working mother is hard. Period. Don’t pretend that it’s not or that you should be able to make it easy.”

However, some proper time management and planning ahead can make it possible and easier to do. Doing it may be hard at first, but things will go smoother as time goes by (well, most of the time).


The List of Advice

We are here to give you tips coming from other working moms on how they juggle their time from being a mom, a wife, and a career woman without shaving some years off from your life.

Learn To Budget Your Time: It is the backbone of being a working mom. Learning how to make the most of your seconds, minutes, and hours every day is crucial. Make an everyday time plan to maximize your daily activities and take charge of your daily routine.

Multitask: It is not easy, but it is possible as long as you know how to pair the kind of work you can simultaneously do. “Use bits of ‘free’ time built into part of a task you’re already doing to accomplish another,” says Nekeshia Hammond, PsyD, a time management expert in Brandon, Florida.

For example, you can buy sanitary kits and baby necessities at a nearby store during breaks while at work. You can also do some paperwork near the crib to keep an eye on your sleeping child. It works wonders to be creative at times.



Get Help: Sometimes you have to accept that you can only have a single body. You can do most of the things needed, but it’s impossible to do everything entirely.  “We have to enlist everyone’s cooperation and assign responsibilities, even to our children provided they are developmentally appropriate. When our kids were of school age, my husband and I shared the carpool responsibilities, as well as household duties,” suggests Dr. Lisa Elliot,LPC, clinic manager of Cook Children’s Behavioral Health.

Leave notes to your husband about grocery needs or about reheating dinner. Hiring a nanny to watch over your child while you are at work is also an option. However, it is better to leave your child to your mother to take care of her grandchild when you work if she lives nearby. Your mother is more than willing to assist you most of the times.

Say Goodbye To Night Outs With Girlfriends: Bonding with your female friends is occasionally possible, but you have to accept that you need more sleep and baby time rather than having a few drinks with your girlfriends outside. A better solution to this is to invite them over to your house so you can still get in touch while doing your mommy tasks.

Plan Ahead Of Time For Essential Dates: It is a must to do this as early as possible. Planning for out of towns should be made a month before the travel. You can also ask for a work leave as soon you set the exact date. It allows you to fix your schedule at work to fit for these events and essential dates while making sure to make good memories with your family.

There will be moments when you want to give up and want to stay at home to take care of your kid and your husband. It is not wrong if you choose to do so. However, be sure to have no regrets and take full responsibility of your actions.