The Good Side Of Having A baby At A Young Age


Teenage pregnancy has been a huge issue that our generation has been dealing with as of today. There are 3 out of 5 women who happen to get an accidental pregnancy, and most of their age ranges from 14 to 19 years old. Though it is something that our society has already accepted, there are still some common issues that relate to the case.

“[H]aving sex when you are teenager is not a deviant act since a majority of our children (just like us adults) do have sex at least once before our 18th birthday. Getting pregnant, or causing a pregnancy, is, however, a problem for most children and their families,” writes Michael Ungar, Ph.D.

Being pregnant is somehow a struggle for a woman who doesn’t have any idea of what the risks are of having a baby at an early stage.

“Remember that even under perfect circumstances, sometimes pregnancy can become high risk,” writes Shawn A. Tassone, M.D.

However, though there might be some cons to having a baby while you’re still young, there are also some good things that you can count on.

Having The Ability To Adapt Easily

Teenage moms are very adaptive. Since they have this sense of eagerness to fulfill their responsibilities, they tend to be more productive and competitive. They take life seriously and make every task like it’s their last. Having a baby for them means that they have to become mature enough to take care of the things they need to be able to sustain the challenging duties that they should fulfill for their babies.

“Stick with your supporters and reduce the time you spend with those who judge you—be they family or friends,” writes Susan Newman, Ph.D.

Teenage Moms Are In Control


Life expectancy gives adolescent moms the ability to take charge of the situation thoroughly. They are more motivated and goal-oriented in facing every challenge in their life. They can have a lower expectation of what lies ahead and can focus on essential things while enjoying the perks of motherhood. They can make decisions based on their experience and use it as a tool to avoid inappropriate judgments.

They Are Inches Ahead In Future References

Young parents value their time twice as much as the adult ones (well, most of them are.) Young moms’ prospects are clearer because they have the advantage of using their current situation to avoid rushing things that they want to achieve. They can take it slow and manage their time according to the needs of their baby and vice versa. They are more open to suggestions. Having a baby early also makes it easier for teenage moms to find resources on how to comprehend and handle their emotional, physical, and financial needs to take care of their child in a much better way.

Young Moms Are Cool


Since teenagers are still into trending stuff, it is undeniably true that they are cooler than ever. They can understand the needs of social interaction and are open to different styles of parenting. They tend to be more fashionable and outgoing. They can quickly create a good bond between their kids, especially when they reach the adolescent stage. They can become a mother and a best friend at the same time. They can relate to almost anything that their child will go through and can talk about it more openly without having to worry about specific consequences.

They Are Full Of Energy And Enthusiasm In Parenting

Young moms are vigorous. They have all the energy to try learning new things when it comes to parenting techniques. They can engage in most of the entertaining activities while not compromising their responsibility as a parent. They don’t quite get tired and can work on a lot of things while focusing on parental involvement.

There is always a misconception when having a baby at a young age. However, those are just some of the good things that you can unquestionably have when you’re a teenage mom.