Overprotective Mom, Isn’t That A Good Thing?

Being a mom has never been so easy when handling your child. You’ll sometimes have to make a decision that you know will hurt your child’s feelings. Though it does not always show positive results, you know there is a lesson on every choice you make for your child. There are hundreds of reasons to tell everyone that you know what’s best for your kid. You might think you are doing them a favor by mentioning what you think is right rather than what they need, but the truth is that you unnoticeably make mistakes by locking them into the kind of world you want them to have.


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Overprotective parenting is proven to be harmful. “Overprotective parenting in low-risk environments may have negative consequences for the psychosocial development of children and youth.” Michael Ungar Ph.D. wrote. You have to realize that over the years, kids are becoming more mature and aware of their surroundings. They tend to indulge in a more adventuresome life decision and try working things out on their own. It is understandable that you only want the safety of your kids, but will they ever learn? You have to know that there are long-term consequences that will affect your child.


Children Become More Dependent – Children with over-protective moms have become more dependent. They will have problems dealing with life decisions and hardships because they know you are always there to take care of their misfortunes. It will not give them a chance to prove themselves and will have a low tolerance for frustrations. Seth Meyers Psy.D. advises to “recognize that some level of independence granted to the child will help them grow and evolve.”


They’ll Think Of Themselves As Failures – Success will never become part of their goal. Children will always rely on what you tell them, thus making it hard for them to deal with complications that they may find in the real world. They become more unaware of the potentials that hinder them from becoming a better person. “It’s challenging to send your child out into a hostile world, knowing he or she may fail, face ridicule, and struggle. Rest assured, children must struggle to grow and learn.”, Joel L. Young M.D. says.


The Lack Of Maturity – The problem with over-protectiveness of parents is that they always restrict their child to do something that will let them grow. It hinders maturity in a way that children will still feel the need to support and will not consider standing up on their own.


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Lack Of Self-Confidence – A more substantial long-term effect of over-protectiveness is raising a less confident person. Your child might lose all the self-reliance he might have and turn it into something endangering in the long run. He will not even try new things and will become afraid of existing and facing struggles in life.


Always A Target Of Bullying – Yes, as much as you want to protect your child, becoming an over-protective parent will only allow bullies to enter in your kid’s life. They will become unusually defenseless and vulnerable due to a lack of social and street-savvy awareness that you may somehow take away from them.


Lack Of Knowledge Of Real Life Situations – Over-protectiveness is extremely dangerous to your kids. You might think you have a sense of control over them, but over time, you’ll realize that their decisions will come up as uncontrolled phenomena.


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Your child needs your guidance – that is a fact. However, there is always an adverse effect if you won’t let them experience things and let them learn from it. They have to know how to make decisions to be able to become the better person you want them to be.