Online Therapy For Moms: Is It A Thing?



Being a mother is fulfilling and rewarding. It is such a wonderful opportunity to give life to someone and do everything you can to provide everything for your child. However, there are days when you are faced with several challenges. Some of the common issues that mothers like you face include financial difficulty, infidelity of other spouse or stubbornness of a teenager and even pressure at work. When these problems surface all at the same time, there is a high possibility that you would feel depression or other negative emotions.

For this reason, online therapy has become a popular choice among mothers all over the world. Several women are choosing to go for online counseling instead of the traditional form of the therapy sessions. Below is a list of the top reasons why most moms are considering it.


Ease Of Opening Up

Talking about what bothers a person is not an easy thing to do. It requires courage to open up about the problems, especially when it involves personal matters. This is the primary reason why some counseling sessions fail. There are those individuals who are not honest about the issues that they have. The presence of online counseling reduces the occurrence of this situation. Mothers are most likely to confide with the online counselor because they could feel animosity. In some way, it makes them comfortable to discuss the problems because they are not face-to-face with the professional therapist.

“I find that both myself and the individuals I work with probably project more authentic versions of ourselves from the comfort of our own homes,” shares Melissa Stringer, LMHC, DCC, NCC. “The thing I place the most emphasis on—the integrity of the therapeutic relationship—is not diluted in any way because we are connecting through a screen.”




Convenience For Sessions

The availability of online counseling makes it easier for mothers to attend the sessions. As you probably know, moms are the busiest since they need to find the perfect balance between work and family life. Because of this, they usually have no time for therapy. Thankfully, online therapy is now available for everyone. All busy moms can already take advantage of online sessions. They no longer need to visit offices just to attend the meetings. At the same time, they have more leeway in setting their online schedule.

Clinical psychologist Nina Barlevy, PsyD, says, “[It is] a whole lot more appealing to be able to sit at your computer and type back and forth with someone.”


Access To Healing

In the United States, there are still some places wherein a professional therapist is not available. As such, the people who reside in these isolated areas will not have complete access to their healing processes. “Sadly, only a small percentage of people actively seek professional help for their mental health problems,” Sal Raichbach, PsyD, LCSW, says. “This could be for any number of reasons: they may not be physically able to leave their homes due to severe anxiety or lack of mobility, or they may not have the financial means.”

Well, there is nothing to fret about it because online therapy has changed things. Nowadays, anyone can already talk to a professional counselor at any time of the day. Moms only need to go online and log in so that they can attend the e-sessions.





Indeed, online therapy is changing the way mothers find solutions to their problems. No wonder many people are starting to go for this form of healing or mental health treatment. If you are having some troubles in your married or family life, do not hesitate to talk to an online counselor. The process of signing up is fast and easy. In less than five minutes, you will be connected with someone who can help you feel better about yourself. Be sure to practice honesty in dealing with your online therapist.