Fashionably Breastfeeding: Your Fashion Sense Need Not To Suffer When you Choose To Breastfeed


For breastfeeding moms out there, your sense of fashion doesn’t have to take the back burner now that you have a baby and you’ve decided to breastfeed him or her. This post is about how to look fabulous and fashionable even with your tiny tot in tow and without denting your budget.


Nursing Underwear – They Do Exist!

The one nursing clothing you can dole money on is a top-notch nursing bra, something that gives you excellent breast support without compromising shape. And on top of that, it must be comfortable to wear.

Additionally, if you prefer to lift the hem of your shirt up so that your baby can feed, you might want to buy high-waisted underwear that covers your stomach when breastfeeding.


Buttoned, Wraparound, Or Stretchy: Take Your Pick From These Choices

There are two ultimate ways to breastfeed with your clothes on – either pull the neckline of your shirt or dress down and to the side or pull the hemline up (only applicable for shirts) to allow your baby access to your breast one at a time. You might prefer to do one method over the other, whichever is comfortable for you.

Firstly, if you’re going to tuck your shirt in, make sure its neckline is stretchable for easy pull-down, or it’s buttoned, so you can effortlessly unbutton one or two buttons come feeding time.


Secondly, if your shirt isn’t buttoned or doesn’t have a stretchy neckline, make sure it’s not too tight so that you can pull the hemline up without hassle when you need to feed your baby. Loose cottony or satiny tops and the ones made of stretch materials are the most ideal.

Aside from buttoned-downs and stretchy tops, wraparounds also work best for nursing moms since their necklines are V-shaped. Drawstring tops or those with garterized necklines rock, too, so if you’re into the chic boho look, you can definitely go and nail it even while breastfeeding your little one (and you certainly won’t need a whooping wardrobe overhaul).


Check Out Nursing Tank Tops

Between nursing shirts, blouses, and tank tops, I choose the latter. Shirts and blouses made explicitly for breastfeeding aren’t good investments because:

  • They can be expensive especially the good-looking ones
  • They’re not something I’d typically wear beyond my breastfeeding days
  • Nursing tank tops cover their purpose

Why am I choosing nursing tank tops over the other two types of nursing-intended clothing? Because of practicality. I get to wear them beyond the time of their intended purpose – layered with my sweaters and dresses, so I get a lot more for my money.

One thing to remember: if you already have buttoned-downs, stretchy and loose tops or wraparounds, then you don’t need a lot of these nursing tank tops. Two, three or five, at most, will do.


Layer It Up!


Using vests, cardigans, stylish jackets, and scarves is the best way to dress up your nursing tank top. A scarf, in particular, will not only make you look modish, but it also doubles up as a cover-up when the need to feed your baby in public arises. And you can wear it as an accessory with your other tops or dresses without looking too wrapped up.

Aside from high-waist underwear, make use of belly bands to cover your stomach when breastfeeding your baby. These are easy to make so if you’re into sewing, DIYing or crocheting, you can make one or two to use.


Diaper Bags Don’t Have To Look Baby-ish

Oversized totes are perfect alternatives to marketed diaper bags. So if you own one of the former, then you don’t have to buy one of the latter. If your tote or oversized bag doesn’t have a lot of compartments as diaper bags do, this isn’t a problem. You can always use smaller purses to compartmentalize diapers and other baby essentials.

Personally, I find backpacks the ideal bag to use for storing my baby’s things as using one doesn’t strain my shoulders as totes do when they get heavy. There are good-sized yet fashionable-looking packs out there that you can get and convert into your little one’s diaper bag.

You don’t need to have a whole new wardrobe when you give birth and decide to breastfeed. Make use of what you already have. Not only will you be able to save money, but you also won’t end up with clothes you’ll just be using for a short time.