Finding The Balance Between Marriage And Motherhood

The moment you give birth to your first child is the moment that will bring a lot of changes in your marriage. This is something that you need to prepare for. No matter what you do, there will always come a time where having a kid will change something in your relationship with the other spouse. Do not worry because this change is not harmful. In fact, if you are aware of how to handle it properly, everything in your life is going to end up well.



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Top 3 Changes That Pregnancy Will Bring Into The Marriage


Getting married is probably one of the best things to happen in your life. It feels good to be able to find someone who truly understands and accepts everything about you. You will have more reasons to be happy with life now that you have married the person you want to share and spend the rest of your life with. Marriage life is not going to be a smooth ride, but it is a journey that you will want to embark on for the rest of your lives together. Many things could change your relationship with the other spouse, one of which is pregnancy.

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Welcoming Parenthood: Becoming A Good Mom

The most significant change that a woman could embrace is becoming a mother. Nothing compares to the feeling of happiness when she is going to be a mother and step into parenthood.

Nowadays, you can already read books or watch videos about embracing motherhood. At the same time, there are already websites that talk about the basics of pregnancy and labor.

How can a mother embrace parenthood?

Therapy helps a mom enfold their parenthood journey. If you’re a mom, this article will teach you ways to welcome maternity. For sure, everything would seem perfect in the beginning. However, as the days or months go by, there is a high tendency that the expectant mom may experience anxiety and stress period. A pregnant woman can more likely to be prone to fears, especially when she has no idea how to welcome parenthood.

Fortunately, there are now several methods available to expecting moms like you. Nowadays, you can already read books or watch videos about embracing motherhood. At the same time, there are already websites that talk about the basics of pregnancy and labor. Another option available for you is going through therapy. And if you want to know more about therapy, visit But before that, below is a list of the benefits therapy could bring in your life as you start to enfold parenthood:

Eliminates Stress

One way of embracing motherhood is by talking to a therapist. This can make you feel more relaxed than ever.  You will be amazed at how this professional could instantly take all your stressors away. A good therapist knows the proper questions to ask as well as the right activities for you. All you need to do is to show up during the sessions and be sure to participate so that the process of eliminating stress becomes easy. Neel Burton M.D. suggests that “If you continue to struggle with stress, discuss the issue with a professional or seek relaxation training. ”




Give Comforts

The period of pregnancy could be a complete rollercoaster ride. There will be several nights when you could not sleep or days when you are not sure about what to do. Luckily, you can always get in touch with a therapist who could help you find comfort in your situation in embracing motherhood. He can help you understand what is going on in your body so that you can prevent panic. He can also advise you to do things that can secure your emotional and mental health.


Improves Your Mental Health

Take note that whatever you are feeling can affect the well-being of your baby. This is the reason why you must make it a top priority to improve your mental health. As much as possible, make exercise part of your daily habit. Additionally, it is wise to find time to connect with a therapist. He can give you some ideas on how to work on making yourself feel better. “Integrating mental health care in primary care settings represents the most effective way to seek out individuals in need of care.” says Scott Breitinger, M.D.




Removes Anxiety

An excellent therapist can also help you get over anxiety attacks in your journey to parenthood. Pregnancy can make you worry about several aspects of your life. You may think that the family is not yet financially ready to have a baby or that giving birth may have adverse effects on your body. Feeling all these things is normal, but if you do it on a regular basis, then it could be dangerous for your child. “People with anxiety often fixate on worst-case scenarios,” Tamar Chansky, Ph.D. explains. A quick talk or consultation with a therapist is ideal since it can remove your anxiety.

Being pregnant or becoming a mom is one of the best things that could happen in your life. Accept your fate with open arms. Let a therapist help you in the process and allow them to contribute to your overall betterment.



How A Psychiatrist Could Help New Moms

Being pregnant and giving birth can make you feel mixed emotions. First of all, you would feel excited knowing that you succeeded in bringing life to the newest member of the family. Second, you may also encounter too much pressure from yourself or everyone surrounding you. There will be some people who will keep on telling you what to do, and they will make you feel stressed at all times. Lastly, your body produces some chemicals that could trigger depression or anxiety right after you give birth to your newborn. 


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Parenting 101: The Life In Your Shoe




As a mom, we only want what’s best for our children even if it takes a lot of struggle. We want them to have a better understanding of what we can offer them to be able to have a good life in the future. We will try hard to teach them the things that we know will be beneficial to their overall development. In line with that, we don’t want them to commit the same mistakes we did when we were at their age.


The Struggle Of Keeping Things Perfect

Parenting is a tough job, and it requires a lot of hardships and determinations in most instances. However, the failure of keeping things in place is a disaster that we don’t want to happen at all costs. Since we know that there are several consequences that we should avoid, we have to make sure that our kids know when and where to ‘stop.’ It is a struggle to keep things perfect when we know that we (as a kid) tend to ignore some rules too.


Too Much Exploration

Experience is an excellent teacher as they say. However, if we base it on our personal experience, there are things we don’t want our children to get involved with. Though it is okay to try different things, too much adventure can sometimes lead to insanity, and the uncontrolled scenarios can become a lot more complicated than we thought. Exploring a lot of things without supervision has caused us trouble, and we don’t want our kids to get overwhelmed with their freedom in matters such as substance abuse, bad-influence friends, premarital sex, different vices, and a lot more. We want them to understand that there are things they can learn even without trying.




Trying To Become Someone You Are Not

As your child develops his character, you have to be there for him. You have to let him be the person he wants to be instead of pushing him to become someone he is not. If you tried following directions that you don’t like and ended up in a better place, then that’s good for you. However, that is not the case in most scenarios.




The Art Of Teaching A Life Lesson

If the method that is used to make you a better person made you exactly what your parents expected you to be, you have to understand that the same approach won’t become applicable to your child. Just because your parents over-protected you before doesn’t mean you have to over-protect your kids too. Remember that even generations change and that counts yours as well. Some methods of teaching vary from different scenarios, so you have to be careful when dealing with punishment and reinforcements.

Even though we are now parents, we know that we were never perfect when we were a child. We also made wrong decisions that caused us trouble. We also make bad choices now in our life. So as much as possible, we don’t want to let our children make the same mistakes we did in the past. If we can prevent it from happening, then at least we should try doing something about it.

Overprotective Mom, Isn’t That A Good Thing?

Being a mom has never been so easy when handling your child. You’ll sometimes have to make a decision that you know will hurt your child’s feelings. Though it does not always show positive results, you know there is a lesson on every choice you make for your child. There are hundreds of reasons to tell everyone that you know what’s best for your kid. You might think you are doing them a favor by mentioning what you think is right rather than what they need, but the truth is that you unnoticeably make mistakes by locking them into the kind of world you want them to have.




Overprotective parenting is proven to be harmful. “Overprotective parenting in low-risk environments may have negative consequences for the psychosocial development of children and youth.” Michael Ungar Ph.D. wrote. You have to realize that over the years, kids are becoming more mature and aware of their surroundings. They tend to indulge in a more adventuresome life decision and try working things out on their own. It is understandable that you only want the safety of your kids, but will they ever learn? You have to know that there are long-term consequences that will affect your child.


Children Become More Dependent – Children with over-protective moms have become more dependent. They will have problems dealing with life decisions and hardships because they know you are always there to take care of their misfortunes. It will not give them a chance to prove themselves and will have a low tolerance for frustrations. Seth Meyers Psy.D. advises to “recognize that some level of independence granted to the child will help them grow and evolve.”


They’ll Think Of Themselves As Failures – Success will never become part of their goal. Children will always rely on what you tell them, thus making it hard for them to deal with complications that they may find in the real world. They become more unaware of the potentials that hinder them from becoming a better person. “It’s challenging to send your child out into a hostile world, knowing he or she may fail, face ridicule, and struggle. Rest assured, children must struggle to grow and learn.”, Joel L. Young M.D. says.


The Lack Of Maturity – The problem with over-protectiveness of parents is that they always restrict their child to do something that will let them grow. It hinders maturity in a way that children will still feel the need to support and will not consider standing up on their own.




Lack Of Self-Confidence – A more substantial long-term effect of over-protectiveness is raising a less confident person. Your child might lose all the self-reliance he might have and turn it into something endangering in the long run. He will not even try new things and will become afraid of existing and facing struggles in life.


Always A Target Of Bullying – Yes, as much as you want to protect your child, becoming an over-protective parent will only allow bullies to enter in your kid’s life. They will become unusually defenseless and vulnerable due to a lack of social and street-savvy awareness that you may somehow take away from them.


Lack Of Knowledge Of Real Life Situations – Over-protectiveness is extremely dangerous to your kids. You might think you have a sense of control over them, but over time, you’ll realize that their decisions will come up as uncontrolled phenomena.




Your child needs your guidance – that is a fact. However, there is always an adverse effect if you won’t let them experience things and let them learn from it. They have to know how to make decisions to be able to become the better person you want them to be.


The Good Side Of Having A baby At A Young Age


Teenage pregnancy has been a huge issue that our generation has been dealing with as of today. There are 3 out of 5 women who happen to get an accidental pregnancy, and most of their age ranges from 14 to 19 years old. Though it is something that our society has already accepted, there are still some common issues that relate to the case.

“[H]aving sex when you are teenager is not a deviant act since a majority of our children (just like us adults) do have sex at least once before our 18th birthday. Getting pregnant, or causing a pregnancy, is, however, a problem for most children and their families,” writes Michael Ungar, Ph.D.

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Adjustments You Have To Do When You Become A Mother


Becoming a mother is a blessing because it is one of the most incredible feelings a woman could ever imagine. It is the art of welcoming the changes in your life along with the unexpected challenges as well. “The first step to good adjustment is to understand the reality. The biggest myth is that this should be a time of idyllic happiness. It’s really a time of terrific challenge.” Arthur Kovacs, PhD explains. It is the time where you tend to focus on the important things rather than making your way out of the situations. This time, you tend to be more mature, practical, and open-minded.

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The 5 Typical Challenges New Moms Face


The joys and surprises a new baby brings might be endless, but for first-time moms, the arrival of a new tot could also signal many adjustments and challenges. We asked doctors, child therapists and other medical experts about the common hurdles new and first-time mothers often encounter and the strategies for handling each one. Pooling with the answers, we came up with a list of five along with solutions to help you cope up with each one.

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