A Husband’s Guide On How To Support Wife During Pregnancy

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Discovering that your wife is pregnant is probably one of the best things that could happen in your life. It feels great to find out that you are about to start a brand new chapter in your lives together. Now that your spouse is pregnant with your first child, it is significant that you know the different ways on how you could support her. Take note that pregnancy can be a complicated journey, which is why it is essential to be there for your wife whenever she needs you. Guy Winch Ph.D. wrote that “Mothers who perceived stronger social and emotional support from their partner mid-pregnancy had fewer symptoms of post-partum depression and anxiety after giving birth.”


Here are the ways on how you could support your pregnant partner:


Always Offer Help


Do not wait for the other person to ask for assistance before you would offer help. Be sensitive enough to know the needs of your wife. Remember that pregnancy can change the hormone levels in your wife’s body. She may become easily exhausted because of this. As such, make an effort to help with household chores or other tasks so that she could enjoy more rest.  “Expect that things she used to do are no longer easy for her to do; and even if she’s willing, she won’t be able to do as much,” Paul Woods, M.D. reminds. Keep in mind that sleep is essential for her and the baby.


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Be Available All The Time


One of the effects of pregnancy is that a woman may become too emotional or clingy during the entire nine months. Hence, do not be surprised if your wife suddenly starts becoming more expressive about her feelings and acting needy most of the time. Instead, what you have to do is to see to it that you could always come to her every time she wants to be with you. Drop everything you are doing just to be with your lovely wife. “A woman who feels supported by her partner during and after pregnancy may feel happier and less stressed.”, Kathleen Romito, M.D.



Say The Right Words


A pregnant woman has a high tendency of having low self-esteem because of the changes in her body. Your wife may sometimes tell you that she is feeling ugly or fat and this could lead to depleting self-confidence. As a husband, you must remind her that she looks beautiful. Never forget to whisper sweet words to her, especially when she is not in the right mood. Ignore her stretch marks, weight gain and bump. Be sure to tell her that she is gorgeous.


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Know-How To Listen


Prepare yourself for the days when your wife would endlessly talk about pregnancy. Try to understand that she is only excited about all the good things happening in your marriage. Just like you, she also looks forward to having a new baby to start your family. Let her talk about all these things. Listen to all the things that she has to say and avoid interrupting her stories.


Do all the things mentioned above to make your wife happy. Now that your partner is pregnant, it is essential that she remains happy all the time. Avoid making her upset or disappointed. Focus on the good things about this new and exciting journey. Make the most out of the nine months that you will share together. Keep the fire of love burning in your relationship by remembering the tips enumerated in the article. Everything will be worth it in the end.