Parenting: Mommy Issues

It is undeniably true that children require a lot of time and knowledge in dealing with their growing up problems. They are more sensitive and attentive to their needs, especially in the early stages of their psychological and mental development. It is considered a crucial part when they are still trying to cope up with things that they don’t truly value.


A mother, on the other hand, has to make sure that her kids’ growth must contain all the fresh information they need to be able to deal with such stress. She has to be the one to take charge of the situation to let her kids know that everything is in place. However, several issues can arise in parenting that she needs to deal with. Here are the top 3 major downfalls that a mother could at least look forward to resolving.


Mommy’s Expectations

Being a mom is a responsibility that requires a lot of time, effort, understanding, commitment, and duties. You have to understand that there could be a lot of expectations and it may sometimes turn out to be something you won’t even expect. There are also things that you might not be able to handle alone that may require help from other sources or people. You must consider taking chances and lowering your expectations when dealing with your children so you can avoid stress and dilemma. “If you can imagine that you might not get what you want or you might get some but not all of it and you’re okay with that, that’s emotional flexibility. And that helps create emotional well-being.” says Catherine Birndorf, M.D.


The Financial Sustainability


Though being a full-time working mom can be tough, some considerations lay ahead of the responsibility. To be able to become the parent you want your kids to have, you must not take for granted the things that you have by focusing on what you can accurately give. Mothers should learn to set their priorities straight and give emphasis on the task that requires a lot of their attention. Though financial stability is one of the significant issues that you have to face, you still have to control yourself and comply with the needs of your children rather than waste time on giving them material support. “To ensure financial stability, you must learn to cut your expenses by making lifestyle changes.”, Mary L. Gavin, M.D. suggests.


Other People’s Judgments


You cannot please everybody, and they will always have something to say. Peter Gray Ph.D. says that “we are also afraid of others’ judgments of us.” But when you set your standards based on their judgment, you will soon end up suffering for the wrong decisions you’ll make in the future. Remember that you possess the power to ignore them and work hard on the things that matter most. Setting up your attainable goals is much more important than listening to what other people would tell you about how you are supposed to raise your child.

The essential balance of parenting is needed to be able to give your kids the proper nurture they deserve. The most critical part is handling your duties and responsibilities and making sure that you are not missing out on some important details in guiding your kids. Sure, you will eventually have significant mishaps in dealing with things all at once, but you have to keep in mind that you should always be in control. Work on these issues in a more productive and motivational way.