Why Single Moms Sometimes Don’t Make It Alone

There are thousands of single moms in the world, and they have personal reasons why they choose to stick to the situation like that. It could be because a relationship didn’t work, a spouse passed away, there’s early pregnancy, a woman is a victim of rape or abuse, it is a one-night stand incident, etc. Whatever the reasons are, it is none of everybody’s business.

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What seems to be the world’s concern are the different stereotypes of single parenting. We know that every single mom tries their best to provide everything for their child. Yes, some work out perfectly fine, but sometimes it is too complicated. Most single moms assume that because they are capable of giving their child attention, that’s all there is. However, they forget to recognize some factors that motherhood can never do alone.

Facing Financial Burden

Single moms have this perseverance of providing everything for their child. They tend to do whatever it takes only to support the needs of their kid regarding financial matters. Yes, some mothers find success in this field, but still, a lot is not capable of handling the financial burden alone. That’s because raising a child nowadays require financial stability and capability. So when there’s the slightest chance of losing track on the financial balance, things can start to get messy. In an unfortunate event, if the situation gets extremely out of hand, some moms might end up having and providing nothing to their child.

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Providing Full-Time Attention

Single moms that can well offer for their child’s financial needs are mothers that take a career on top of their lives. Some may not entirely agree with this statement, but it is the truth. Because the more they think about their child’s future, the more they strive in providing everything for their kid. It takes a toll on parenting because mothers can never consistently offer full-time attention while they are working and resolving financial issues at the same time. Yes, some single moms may work on it and perhaps do well, but it never secures consistency.

Supporting A Balanced Development

It is a bit funny when single moms think that a child doesn’t need a father in his life. That is practically one of the most unacceptable statements there is regarding parenting. Most single moms believe that the development of a child can flawlessly become stable even without the love and affection of a father.

“Some women are single parents through divorce or separation or unplanned pregnancies, but a growing number choose to have and a raise babies on their own. In other words, fewer and fewer women are waiting for Mr. Right,” writes Susan Newman, Ph.D.

Well, there might be cases that agree with that, but a child’s overall growth requires the contribution of both parents. Whether it is a good or lousy involvement, still, the presence and different approach in situations can allow a better judgment and learning.

“In my opinion, divorce can still (be) done better to encourage both parents to give their kids what they need. Boys need nurturing, limit setting and role models. It is tough for a single mother to provide it all,” writes Mark Banschick, M.D.

Providing Life Lessons

Single mothers can teach their kid anything. They can tell him whatever there is he needs to know. She can provide examples and situations that can improve the kid’s understanding of how things around them seem to be different. However, it is not going to be enough. Since there are lessons in life that only a father can explain smoothly, single moms won’t be able to deliver it accurately. But it’s not that these moms are incapable of doing so, it just lacks the confidence. At some unfortunate instances, single moms might pick the wrong choice of words and end up having a miscommunication with their child.

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Handling Stress

Having a child without the support of a partner is exhausting, agitating, and depressing. That’s the primary reason why single moms are vulnerable to stress. Since all the responsibilities are directly pointing at them, most moms fail to comply with their peace. The pressure somehow stops them for doing things they need to do. As a result, they end up throwing blame not only on their child, spouse, or family but themselves as well. With this instance, most moms begin to think that their decisions are wrong. They lose self-confidence and begin to question their capabilities. Stress becomes their sole excuse for the things they can no longer control.

There is no doubt single moms can raise a child. They can show love and affection that no person in the world can ever provide. “Sociologists who have studied single mothers of different races, classes, and sexual orientations have found that those mothers are rarely raising their children single-handedly. Instead, they have networks of friends and relatives and neighbors who care about them and their children, and have been part of their lives for years,” writes Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

However, when considering a kid’s development and needs, being alone in the process is not going to be enough. Some may assume that it can all go well. But let’s face it; no mother can handle it all by herself without sacrificing a lot of things for their child. That’s the reason why there’s a complicated mother-child relationship, inconsistent parenting, and lack of development.

In an honest opinion; single moms are not capable of providing everything for their child. But what makes every struggle worth it is the smile their kids give to each one of them. And that’s one particular reason why they don’t stop being a mother.

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Am I A Good Parent? Why Is My Child A Deviant?

As parents, we are our children’s first educators. Their first “words” are sounds we repeat to them, like “Mama” or “Dada”. They learn by listening and observing. They have the ability to send back sounds until they form into semi-coherent words. They also have the ability to express what they feel or what they want, based on whatever communication mechanism they develop at a certain age.

Wonders of Growing

That is one of the wonders of child development. It does not always lean towards the positive side. “With infants, parents have to cope with physical exhaustion from sleep deprivation and the non-stop cycle of feeding, burping, cleaning, and comforting a fussy baby,” says clinical psychologist Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D. “During the toddler years, parents have do deal with an opinionated little person who is simultaneously trying to figure out the world and run it.”

Impressionable as they are, children still don’t have filters that adults use to accept or reject things they pick up from their environment and other people. It could lead to harmless things like toddlers learning “bad words”. Sometimes, it goes to the extreme end of the spectrum like children developing deviant behavior.

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Dealing with Deviant Behavior

Deviant behavior can manifest as early as childhood. While some parents become instantly alarmed when their children display unusual behavior, most of the time it’s just an overreaction. We must understand that children are still developing their sense of self, while at the same time, soaking up information from their environments like sponges; we cannot expect them to suddenly act the way society expects people to act. Children are still slightly empty vessels still learning to act according to social cues developed by adults.

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Paying Attention to Deviant Behavior

Deviant behavior is not so rare that parents should disregard it completely. In fact, good parenting must always involve constant vigilance over factors that could contribute to a child’s personality development.

Studies have shown that the presence of violence in a person’s early formative years is more often than not a huge predictor of aggressive behavior like crime in adulthood. Nowadays, it’s hard to control when a child could witness violent acts. It could be from the media, like news reports of a violent nature, or from entertainment like movies and even video games.

Exposure to such themes, especially during their early formative years, implies a high risk of developing violent personalities. This is related to the social learning theory, wherein children imitate behavior that they see, behaviors that are not limited to what they see in the television but also those they see from their parents.

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Influence of the Environment on Behavior Formation

Sometimes, the presence of violence in a child’s life comes directly from parents who inflict them pain as a form of punishment, which leads us to another theory associated with childhood development: the operant conditioning. As children learn by mimicking people and things around them, the likelihood of these behaviors being repeated as their own depends on whether adults answer with reinforcement or punishment.

“Children are generally not as good as adults at stating their reasons or arguing logically, so it is unfair for parents to expect their children to always give good reasons for what they do,” Peter Gray, Ph.D. wrote. “The parent’s attempt to argue with a child leads too often to a verbal beating and shaming, which undermines the goal of understanding and support.”

Responsibility of the Parents

Parents have the responsibility of building the stepping stones of the personalities their children could possibly develop.

Does the emergence of deviant behavior indicate bad parenting? Should we be conscious of every little detail we expose our children to?

The answer is, it depends. Yes, we want to avoid molding our children into individuals that society will frown upon. But “helicopter parenting” is not conducive to our children’s development as well. We have to give them some leeway to develop on their own, while still on the ready to correct them when they do something bad.

“The parent must be willing to change their behavior first, in order for their kid to change,” says adult and teen psychotherapist Linda Esposito, LCSW. “A common pitfall is confusing discipline with punishment.”

The key is to balance the authoritative side of parenting to the good and loving side that children need as well. And the most important thing to remember is that there is no “good parenting”.

Too Much Freedom Is Dangerous For Your Kid


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Being a parent doesn’t happen overnight – it requires a lot of commitment. You have to understand that there are restrictions on providing kids their needs and giving them their freedom. You just don’t give them everything they ask you to give them or let them do anything they want. You have to be very careful in deciding things for them, especially on those times that they might think that they don’t need your assistance in the decision making.

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The Misunderstood Behaviors of Moms

There are a few times when moms and their children feel like they belong to different sections of the world. The difference in choices, expectations, and wishes are issues that produce clashes and misunderstanding between them. “Conflict in families, especially between mothers and children, is part of the natural order of things,” says Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW.

Moms will always feel like their children are doing everything wrong and they have to make it right. On the other hand, their children will misunderstand this course of action as being a controlling parent with overboard expectations.  It is just one of the examples of misunderstood motherly behaviors which we are going to talk about in this article.

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Tips For A Working Mom

Being a career woman with a husband and child can be quite taxing and challenging role to do. Doing paperwork and then cooking for dinner or having a meeting then rushing to the nursery due to certain circumstances is just examples of these stressful situations.

According to Joanne Stern, PhD, “The bottom line difference between working mothers who are challenged yet happy, and those who are continually frustrated and down in the dumps, is to first recognize and embrace this one fact: Being a working mother is hard. Period. Don’t pretend that it’s not or that you should be able to make it easy.”

However, some proper time management and planning ahead can make it possible and easier to do. Doing it may be hard at first, but things will go smoother as time goes by (well, most of the time).

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