Adjustments You Have To Do When You Become A Mother


Becoming a mother is a blessing because it is one of the most incredible feelings a woman could ever imagine. It is the art of welcoming the changes in your life along with the unexpected challenges as well. “The first step to good adjustment is to understand the reality. The biggest myth is that this should be a time of idyllic happiness. It’s really a time of terrific challenge.” Arthur Kovacs, PhD explains. It is the time where you tend to focus on the important things rather than making your way out of the situations. This time, you tend to be more mature, practical, and open-minded.

If you happen to decide that you’re ready to make some adjustments to the typical things that you are used to, then you probably don’t need to read this article. However, listed are the following things that you’ll guarantee giving up once you become a mom.

Say Goodbye To Your Heels – Women love fashion, and they make sure to have a pair of heels in their closet. But once you become a mom, you can say goodbye to those 4 to 6-inch tall heels in your wardrobe. You’ll positively change your preference and focus on comfortability rather than style.

Keep Your Hair Short – Your hair is your crowning glory. But once you have kids, you can probably forget about it. If you don’t like to cut it short, then you have to keep your hair in place as much as possible to avoid irritability and discomfort when doing or finishing your daily task (commonly the household chores.) You’ll appreciate how you can work on something without worrying about damaging your hair.

Forget About Your Stylish Nails – As much as you want to pamper those nails and give it the best styles you want, you might probably have to lessen that activity. It’ll only slow you down when doing some tasks. Besides, you’ll probably have to cut those since they’re not your foremost priority anymore. A once in a while salon will do.

The Pooping Privacy Is No Longer Available – Being a mom means you have to always be there for your child. And yes that includes the times when you’re in the bathroom doing your stuff. You’ll probably realize that you don’t want to lock the bathroom doors anymore. It’s no longer considered an option.

Sleeping Time Is Limited – There are times when you want to stay in bed and don’t think of anything at that particular moment. Well, that’s not going to happen. If you feel like you don’t need to keep those sheets off, you have to acknowledge that it’s not going to happen either. The duties and responsibilities triple as you realize the needs of your kids. “We really need to look at sleep as something that’s just as important to good health as diet and exercise,” Ronald Kramer, M.D.




The Huge Bags Become A Necessity – Since your fashion sense will automatically come into an adjustment, you’ll have to forget buying those signature handbags and switch to the convenient ones. Don’t buy small. It won’t have all the space you need to put your baby stuff so you definitely won’t use it anyway.

The Bed Is Not Yours Alone – Mothers always share their stuff, and that includes the bed. You might want to have a good night’s sleep alone but that would almost be impossible. I guess you’ll just have to let them do the sleeping!

These are just some minor adjustments that you will encounter. It will not hurt you or make you regret being a mother.

“While recovering from delivery can be a lot to handle, things will get easier. Before you know it, you will be able to fully focus on enjoying your new baby.” Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD wrote.

It’ll just remind you that there are certain things you can sacrifice in an instant once you’ve decided to embrace motherhood.